9th SynthFest France . 2o22
æfv & EdH – live at SFF2o22

. 3rd of April, it was a delight to play in duet ( we such hoped it since a longtime … ) with the talented EdH <3
during the 9th SynthFest at the Théâtre de l’Onyx in Saint-Herblain ~ Nantes.

t r a c k l i s t:
– Her Dark Light ( æfv )
– Paranoïd Voïd ( æfv )
– Lynch’s Tapes ( æfv x EdH )
– Golden String ( EdH )
– Exit World ( EdH x æfv – version )
– Iching Eyes ( EdH )
– Massive ( EdH )

POM Good Virus Sessions

. 3rd of July 2020. The POM Good Virus Sessions was a kind of shorts showcases under improvisation curated by Bart van Dongen, the owner of the Paviljoen Ongehoorde Muziek Eindhoven, during the first lockdown. This is my shy contribution for and, below, the kind words from Bart about mine.

” The dreamy colaboration of æfv to the POM Good Virus Sessions.
Éliane Blaise is invited by Valentina Mushy to participate in the project. “

7th SynthFest France

The gig was postponed due the situation!
24th of May for the Synth Fest 2020 at La Maison des arts (Saint-Herblain / Nantes) France.
æfv in band live ( æfv & EdH ) play Night of Storm (a 5.0 Surround sound piece).

Live at Galerie SIX

. 30th of November, 2019. Live (In duet with Jac Berrocal) « Matière à réflexion #7 » at the Galerie SIX, Paris, IIIe arrT. (France).
Claude Chuzel: Painter and host
Éliane Blaise: cello, synth and FX
Jac Berrocal: Trumpet and FX
Emmanuelle de Héricourt: Sound assistant
Nilonilaz: Video catching
(Video’s gig)

DAF Festival 2o19 – live at La Reliure

. 1st of May 2019 Live At the DAF Festival, Geneva (Switzerland). Night of Storm for voice, cello and electronic in Surround.

La Voix du luthier – Showcase at ModularSquare

Spring 2019. For meeting/ event with La Voix du luthier in ModularSquare (Paris, France) to the presentation of the Onde and the Pyramide, I was invited to play with these one. I pluged my cello, my looper and a delay on.

© Photos by François Astier

Live at Les Temps du corps

. 26th of January 2019 Live At Les Temps du corps, Paris (France). For voice, cello and electronic.
With Nathalie Forget, WURST, æfv.

© Photos by JJG

WURST – Live at Les Temps du corps

. 29th january 2o19 – Live ( excerpt )
Wurst is a ColdWave (and more…) band Paris, based.

– Synths and Electronics Drums : Matthieu F.
– Lead Vocal : Ludovic L.T.
– Guitar : David F.
– Cello, FX and whispers : éliane

All songs and tracks by WURST except “When I Go” by Minimal Compact.
Video catching by Mariana Vivancos, thank you! The sound was restored a bit due the source quality.

Moonday in D by 19

15th of October 2018, live at St John of Jerusalem Church, London (UK). 19 play „MoonDay‟ in D for amplified Organ and Cello,
19 [FR/UK] is a duet formed by Éliane Blaise (cellist) & Mark Wagner (pianist).

(Video’s gig: https://vimeo.com/319361551)

MoonDay in D from éliane (ǽƒv) on Vimeo.

L’amour à boire – live at La Consigne

. 28 September of 2018. Curated by Elsa Hieramente, at the end of her draw exhibition, she invited me to play during a lecturing by Romain Playner and Sabrina Paul.

© Photo by Mushy
© Drawing by Elsa Hieramente

Artichaut 3 #points – Showcase and lives

June and July 2018, live at Le Hasard ludique, Paris (France) + live at Ground Control, Paris (France) + Showcase at Charybde (bookshop), Paris (France) for the launching of the issue 3 of Artichaut. Artichaut (means artichoke in french) is magazine dedicated to the creative writing. I was commissioned by Frédéric Fiolof about his recent novel “Finir les restes” published on, to play during his lecturing on stage. The magazine Artichaut was founded by Justine Granjard.

Artichaut’s FB page.

At le Hasard ludique

© Photos by Justine Granjard and Frédéric Fiolof

At Ground Control

© Photos by Justine Granjard and Mariane Loing

At Charybde (bookshop)

De l’évidence d’une fleur – live at Le vent se lève

. 6th of june 2018, live performance at Le Vent se lève, Paris (France). With Claude Parle (accordionist), Maki Watanabe (Butō dancer), Carmen Blam (Butō dancer) and Éliane Blaise (cellist & ghost performer).

© Photo by Guillaume Regler – Flyer by éliane blaise.

Nilonilaz: Video catching
(Video’s gig)

DAF Festival 2o18 – live at La Reliure

. 25th of March 2018, Live At the DAF Festival, Geneva (Switzerland).

Night performance . music & voices for women

March 2018
Après Midi Person Radio Perfomance de nuit Geneva (midnight to 2 am) at l’école des Arts de Genève : avec Andrea & Sophie & éliane æfv.


Live at Le Spoutnik, Geneva (Switzerland). Is a LGBTQI+ (and more…) event. With HAIRMAX98 & UNIPORN (perf.), Frida Nipples (perf.), M. Beatty (film screening), Sadie Lune (perf.), æfv (live).
More about A Day to XPlore there (beware, explicit content!).

EVENT HORIZON by Polyphones at LYL radio

May 2017
EVENT HORIZON : par PolyPhones Talking, interview and live, Paris at LYL Radio : with Polyphones, Gaël Sagalens, Christine Webster, Céline Perier, Mushy, æƒv, Marine (from LYL), val&riane.

© Photos by Polyphones / Gaël Sagalen & Christine Webster

Radio o – Live and more…

February 2017
Poeticus Mordicus 2 (RADIO O) : par Anna Serra Performance Paris at le 61.

November 2016
Totally Radio Totally Poésie (RADIO O) : par Anna Serra Performance Paris at le 61.

© Photo by Dimitri Menchikoff

Tribute to James Graham Ballard

. 13th of June 2014, Meeting with Manuel Candré, a tribute to J.G. Ballard at Charybde bookshop, Paris (France).
Charybde invited Manuel Candré for a meeting and talking about his second novel, “Le portique du front de mer”, and his magnificent echoes with “Vermilion Sands” by J.G. Ballard.
Presented and animated by Nébal and Éliane Blaise (sorry for my bad english at time…).
Curated by Hugues Robert.

Set/30′ – live at Blockhaus DY10

May 2014, live Set/30′ at the Blockhaus DY10, Nantes (France). With Golem Mécanique & Éliane.
Gig curated by drone sweet drone & musica,ae.

golem mécanique _ soundcheck from set/30_ soundcheks on Vimeo.

© Photos by Drone Sweet Drone

Fissurée – fémur (perfomative online magazine), #201312

December 2013. Creation of Fissurée with Steve Dalachinsky (collages) and Éliane Blaise (writing).
More about Fissurée there.

Fémur is a french online magazine founded by Stéphanie Briand & Philippe Desclais. Is an informal poetic journal, Fémur is drawn from meetings and contributions. Texts and illustrations are assembled throughout the entries, at the low profile of the Femur (unless biased claimed by the contributors), around a certain organic aesthetics of black and white.

© Pictures by Fémur, writing by éliane blaise, collage by Steve Dalachinsky

Expérience XIV – Live at Les Combustibles

. 13th of March 2013, live at Les Combustibles, Paris (France). Curated by C. Parle and supported by SouffleContinu.
Performance. With Claude Parle, Cathy Heyden, Now Cut, Le Syndicat, Éliane æfv, Guillaume Loizillon.

Q#XXVIII – Live at Les Instants chavirés

. 11th of June 2013, live at Les Instants Chavirés, Paris (France).
More about the event there.

© Photos by Les Instants Chavirés (right) and Mariana Vivancos (Left)