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Musician – cellist – and sound artsist, Éliane Blaise (b.1972) known as æfv, works with images dreams languages, from her inner nature and landscapes, in subtle state times or elsewhere in trying to approach them, to create sound compositions, sound installations like “Night of Storm” (conceived in 2018). She plays Cold Wave, Dark Electronica & Dreamy music. In the field of electro-acoustics and electronic, her practice is like a perpetual post-modern and sensitive exploration accompanied by her cello… and her synths as a thin membrane.

Discreet interpreter & composer, apart from her own practice, she accompaning some other artists in bands, spoken words artists, comporser, dancers on stage and, directors (as media composer) with a slight stroke outside her project solo aka “ æfv ” (cello | voice | electronic).
She collaborates regularly with musicians Mushy (Mannequin Records), PHANTOM LOVE (Zero Killed Music), Nathalie Forget, Jac Berrocal and EDH (Lentonia Records and more)…

She also works as sound ingeneer/ technician for other musicians, music labels and more, under different ways for.

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