m i r a X o
. a DJ side project engendered in complicity with the talended EdH & I!

Mira Xo is a obstinate DJ entity!
With a predilection for women’s productions, she spreads the Heat and the Cold through a sound spectrum deeply rooted from the womb of synthetic sounds, waving between Waves and other Sines from today to the origins!

Recent DJ Set
  • @ Chair de Poule ( Paris ) ~ 27th of may 2o22
  • SynthFest France @ Théâtre de l’Onyx ( Nante ) ~ 1st & 2nd of April 2o22
  • Marie Delta release party @ La Marbrerie ( Montreuil ) ~ 24th of March 2o22

OX . a

OX . a by mira Xo – 33 ‘ 19 ” – real-time mixing – winter 2o22

artwork by Emmanuelle de Héricourt assisted by Éliane Blaise