music production

I also work as sound ingeneer/ technician for 
other musicians, music labels and 
more under different ways for.
 Below, some productions that I made to make 
happy them - under our nice 
collaborations and inner mind too.


7″ by EDH

( restored digital version . 2o21 )

Released in 2oo8 on Lentonia Records, 7″ (a 7 inch white vinyl as well…), EdH and I decided together in February 2021 to restore this short album to a digital publishing on her Bandcamp page. You also can directly order to her your own vinyl copy there, only 5 left.
EdH is a tallended musician, Paris based, who create and compose a darkpop, electronica, synthwave music troughout some eerie clouds…

7″ by EDH – 6 tracks – 33 RPM – 7 inch – white vinyl – Lentonia Records 2oo8 – EDH 2o21

EDH’s bandcamp page ~

Lentonia Records blog and FB ~

Sibelius Violin Concerto

( restored audio from old videotape shooting . 2o2o )

During the autumn 2o2o, the violin player Elissa Cassini has request me to restore the audio from a shooting of one her concert, where she played some Sibelius pieces, catched on an Hi-8 videotape old one.

Excerpt of: Sibelius pieces played by E. Cassini in Performance with Orquesta Sinfónica UANL
Audio restoration by Éliane Blaise

OWO – live at Switch Festival

( live recording at Switch Festival – Théatre de Vanves . 2o19 )

During the Switch Festival in May 2o19 where OWO has played, Gaël and Christine asked me if I could come to record the full live. I answered “Oh sure… ! it will be pleasant for me and for all of you…”.

OWO – Open Women Orchestra formed as part of an artistic residency at the Le Cube digital creation centre in Issy-les-Moulineaux in June 2018, on a proposal by Gaël Segalen and Christine Webster from the Polyphones network. Created in 2015, Polyphones aims to enhance visibility and facilitate exchanges and creations between composers in the field of sound and music experimentation.

Audio recording by Éliane Blaise and Gaël Segalen – Mixed by Gaël Segalen – Polyphones / OWO May 2o19
Video editing-cutting by Emmanuelle de Héricourt

Excerpt No 1

Excerpt No2

OWO’s website ~

“Front de mer” and “En Fer” by Libre Arbitre

( tow tracks on digital release . 2o19 )

Formed by Mariette Auvray (Pussy Patrol, BCBG, Eyes Behind), Valentina Fanigliulio (PHANTOM LOVE, Mushy) & Samuel Chochon (George DJ Huberman), the band Libre Arbitre, Paris based, is the alliance of these 3 birds caught in the whirlwind of a cosmic fan, struggling, screaming. Libre Arbitre is under psyche, post-punk and electronic music.

Front de Mer by Libre Arbitre – 1 track – Digital – Libre Arbitre February 2o19
Guitar and voice(s): Mariette – Synths: Valentina – Drums and electronic drums: Samuel
Recording and Mixing by Éliane Blaise – Schemes by Éliane and Mariette

En fer by Libre Arbitre – 1 track – Digital – Libre Arbitre September 2o19
Guitar and Lead Voice: Mariette – Synths: Valentina – Choir: Valentina & Mariette – Drums and electronic drums: Samuel
Recording, pre-Mixing and first Schemes by Éliane Blaise – Schemes and Mixing by Mariette Auvray

Libre Arbitre’s bandcamp page.

Douce/Froide by douce/froide

( digital release . 2o18 )

Douce/Froide is the side project from the french musician Fille du Calvaire, Paris based. She requested me in 2017 to have some advices about her now album-project. Finaly, we decided to produce her album together. Douce/Froide is under the synthwave, synthpop and electronic music.

DOUCE/FROIDE by Douce/Froide – 11 tracks – Digital – Marion Castor | Douce/Froide 2o18
Mixing & Surround by Éliane Blaise – Mixing and Mastering by Marion Castor
CreativeCommons: by-nc-sa

Douce/Froide’s bancamp page ~

Polyphone #1

( live recording . 2o16 )

Polyphones is collective dedicated to the women in electronic music and more… founded by Gaël Segalen & Christine Webster.
In May 2o16, Gaël request me to record their first event. With PHANTOM LOVE, Céline Perrier and Nina Kardek.

Recorded and mixed by Éliane Blaise. Live at Détail, Paris, France.


play Garden of Sounds by Sébastien Béliah
( live recording . 2o13 )

Founded in 2011 under the leadership of Frédéric Blondy, ONCEIM is an orchestra of 34 musicians and a collective that brings together their projects.

Recorded in live at Saint-Merry church, Paris, the 28th of june in 2o13 by Éliane Blaise